Essential Reading: Latino Conservation Alliance launches new blog!


Looking for more places to read about everything public lands? There's a new blog you may want to check out! The Latino Conservation Alliance (LCA) recently launched a new blog which will focus on the management and protection of public lands from a Latino perspective. The LCA is a strategic partnership of five Latino organizations aligned to protect public lands. HECHO is a proud member of the Alliance and our Director Camilla Simon had the honor of writing the inaugural post for the blog! She writes about National Wildlife Refuge Week and the role that Latinos must play in the protection of refuges and all public lands:

We see our role as stewards because we view the well-being of our lands, and the wildlife we share those lands with, as essential to our way of life. We depend on clean air, clean water, and healthy watersheds and, naturally, we speak up to conserve these precious natural resources. We have a moral obligation to do this.

To read the full post, visit the LCA blog here.