Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked people on Facebook to share their favorite family memories of outdoor activities, and to post a photo if they could. The response was incredible and confirmed what HECHO proudly represents – the centuries old cultural connection of Hispanics to our public lands. Not only do Hispanics enjoy camping, hunting and the outdoors, for centuries, Hispanics have worked the land, provided sustenance for their families from the land and have been stewards of the land. 

Thank you to all who shared past and recent memories of your time in the outdoors. One of my fondest memories is the smell of bacon and papas cooking in a cast iron skillet on an open fire when we went camping and of course, I will never forget the fun my family had when we would go pinon picking in the forest. I loved that family tradition!

What are your fondest past and recent memories of being outdoors?

Here are a few of the responses we received: 

“I enjoy hunting, camping, fishing and hiking,” wrote HECHO Board Member Kent Salazar. “As a kid, my family summer vacations were camping trips in the national forests. As I grew, I spent time hunting for deer, turkey and elk to supplement my family's meat supply. As I learned the ways of various animals, it led me to admire and respect them. Now days, I hike with my dog in the forests several times a week. It's good for my soul.”


“Passing on the sport of fishing to the next generation,” wrote Veronica Karla Martinez. “And making s’mores and memories at Gallinas Canyon.”


“Me and my wife went camping before our kids were born,” wrote Alfred Vejar. “We’re planning a trip next summer.”


“Fishing the Pecos!” wrote Kavanaugh Leonard.


Here are a few responses we received without photos:

·         “Fishing, cooking and camping,” wrote Anthony Martinez. “Telling each other family stories to share heritage and praying. Thanking God for nature. He made it for us.”

·         “Going to 3 Rivers, to the Catholic Church, right outside the Mescalero Apache Reservation,” wrote Michael James Gonzalez. “We're on the forest side of Sierra Blanca.”

·         “Frying eggs in bacon fat and having a good campfire,” wrote Anna Rhodes.

What are your favorite memories of being with your family in the great outdoors? Share them in the comments below! (And check out all of the responses on our Facebook page!)