HECHO Celebrates the Centennial of the National Park Service and Calls for More Inclusion of Diverse Voices in the Management of Public Lands

Happy Centennial National Park Service! 

In celebration of the Centennial, Camilla Simon, HECHO Executive Director shared her thoughts on the importance of the National Park Service for Latino communities and all Americans.

“The Centennial of the National Park Service is a time for all Americans to celebrate, enjoy, and engage in the conservation of our nation’s public lands. It is also a time to call upon federal government agencies to engage multicultural communities, including the Latino community, in the decision-making process and management of public lands to reflect the diversity and changing cultural landscape of America. It is time that the Latino community seeks participation in this powerful opportunity to shape the future management of our public lands.

Let’s make the next 100 years of conservation and management of our country’s public lands more inclusive to embrace the heritage, culture, and wisdom of Latino, Native American, African American, Asian Pacific, and other diverse communities.”