Bernalillo County Passes Resolution Supporting Bureau of Land Management Natural Gas Waste Rule

Rule Supports Conservation of Natural Resources, Provides Fair Return on Public Resources and Cuts Harmful Air Pollution

The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners today resolved to support the Bureau of Land Management’s rule to charge royalties on wasted methane—the primary component of natural gas—on federal and tribal lands. The resolution addresses the serious problem of methane waste, which is impacting state revenues, harming the environment and threatening the health of New Mexicans.

“HECHO commends the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners for advancing a resolution in support of the Bureau of Land Management draft methane waste rule. Its passage will support a win-win scenario for all New Mexicans,” says Rock Ulibarri, San Miguel County Commissioner and HECHO Advisory Board Member. 

“Taking the necessary steps to reduce methane pollution will generate jobs, increase the state’s revenue, and will be good for our public lands and the environment. Most importantly, it will help tackle health issues exacerbated by air pollution, such as respiratory ailments and heart problems, which disproportionally affect the Latino community in the state.”

“Recently a NASA report reaffirmed what we already knew: natural gas waste and methane pollution are a huge problem for oil and gas operations in New Mexico. These BLM rules will help solve the problem. We’ve seen how similar measures have been successful in Colorado where the surrounding community and local businesses saw great benefits, while simultaneously increasing the state government’s revenue.”