Latinos should speak up for public lands

Oct. 23, 2015                                                       Salt Lake Tribune

Latinos have a unique connection to western public lands, as our people have settled on and used these lands for generations; however, our voices and opinions are often left out of the conversation for public land protection. We need to get involved in the public land discussion, and we should start by speaking up on the conservation of public lands around scenic Moab, Utah. 

Conservation fund expires, leaving communities in the lurch

Oct. 5, 2015                                                                          The Hill

One of the most beloved U.S. conservation programs was left to expire today. In 2010, LWCF generated $442 million and created 3,000 jobs. “Letting the Fund expire will be a lasting black mark on the leadership of Congress,” says Arizona U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva.  

Outdoors For All

July 10, 2015                                       Outdoor Industry Association

The vision of the average recreational user is of an older, white man; however, Latinos spend more on outdoor gear than other groups. We envision a broader, more inclusive picture of recreationalists-- one that incorporates all user groups, including involving all voices in the conservation conversation.   

Sportsmen need the Land and Water Conservation Fund

July 29, 2015                                                                         The Hill

The LWCF protected fish and wildlife habitat for over 50 years. Latinos are a major recreational group that has experienced the benefits of this program. The LWCF provides access to public lands, preserves Heritage Sites, and provides educational opportunities to Latino communities.