Lead-Free Landscapes

HECHO encourages hunters and anglers to use lead-free alternatives in order to protect our lands and waters from the toxic effects that lead has in the environment and for people. In addition to promoting the use of non-toxic ammunition and tackle, we also raise awareness about safe and effective alternatives to lead ammunition.

The use of lead ammunition has wider implications for our environment, leading to the unintentional poisoning of predators such as birds of prey, as well as impacting animals that ingest the poison through the consumption of the targeted animal. The use of lead in the angling community can also damage our waterways, affecting fresh water organisms.

Additionally, x-rays show that despite our best efforts to clean the game for consumption, it is very difficult to clean the animal of the lead fragments that disperse as the game is shot. This means that it is possible that we may consume the lead fragments, along with our families who we serve our meat to if we are not careful.

It is HECHO’s goal to continue to protect our landscapes and waterways for future generations to enjoy, and to leave a legacy of conservation among our community. For this reason, we support the use of non-toxic, non-lead ammunition.

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