What would you do with an extra $360 million dollars a year?

We learned about an oil and gas industry practice that doesn't sound so great. It is called venting and flaring. When an oil or gas well is drilled there is excess natural gas that is then either released into the air (venting) or burned (flaring). This might not seem like a big deal, but it turns out that it actually costs the American taxpayer $360 million dollars a year when you also add in natural gas lost due to leaky pipelines. That is a lot of money that can go to other things like schools, health care, and infrastructure improvements-- to name a few.

At home, you wouldn't leave a gas stove on for many reasons, but if you did you would have to pay for what you wasted. However, for the oil and gas industry drilling on federal and tribal lands, this same principle does not apply across the board. We want change that. After all, these are shared resources that we want to conserve for generations to come.

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